Hummer reborn? – 2022 GMC Hummer

Hummer reborn? – 2022 GMC Hummer

It’s been nearly 10 years since the last Hummer rolled out of production line in 24th may of 2010. You probably didn’t expect to see a car who’s name has become antonym to “eco-friendly” in post-Greta world coming back to production but new technologies brings new opportunities.

According to Darwin it is not the strongest species that survives but the ones that are able to adapt best to changing environment. And it seems to be the story with Hummer. GMC is planning to revive Hummer as an electric pickup truck. It does make sense – now that people are more environmentally conscious than ever (almost) no one is interested in owning a gas guzzling environment destroying death machine, so this change in identity to a relatively eco-friendly machine might be the only proper way for Hummer name to live on.

Not much is known about GMC Hummer as of now as it’s only being teased instead of being officially revealed, but the information that has been disclosed so far does seem very exciting.

GMC Hummer electric pickup truck will produce 1,000 bhp and unbelievable 11,500 ft-lb (15,592 Nm) of torque. With such monstrous power source it will do 0-60 mph in 3 seconds according to GMC.

We can expect to find out more about GMC Hummer soon – 30 second commercial will be aired during Super Bowl LIV and the car will be officially revealed in 20th of May in Las Vegas. First units are expected to roll out of production line in late 2021.

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