RoofBag Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag Review

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RoofBag cartop carrier is made of heavy-duty polyester with liquid-coated vinyl. Material is thick and feels durable. Zippers are rubberized to make the bag water resistant. They are also pretty large and so is loops making it easy to zip/unzip the bag. RoofBag rooftop cargo bag is made in USA and has 15 cubic feet of storage space. It’s very roomy and holds a lot of stuff – even though 15 cubic feet is pretty much industry standard so the same can be said about most rooftop cargo bags.

Roofbag cargo bag does perform well in heavy rain and wind. It’s not completely waterproof but it’s very water resistant, chances of leakage even in heavy rain are small.

It does cause some noise but it’s not super loud. You should try to pack it in a way where the bag is tight to keep noise levels down. You will also notice some decrease in MPG. Try to pack the bag aerodynamically by putting larger bags/stuff in the back yet filling in space in front.

To eliminate noise you should unbuckle the strap, twist 1 turn and then re-buckle them. Be careful to not overtighten them too as it might increase the noise or deform the weather strip which might break the buckle.


Installation depends on whether your car has rooftop rack, however in either case it’s simple process. If you have rack then straps loop around the rails. Without rack the straps loop from top of the cargo bag through inside of car.

It doesn’t come with protective non-slip mat or have one built-in like some other cargo bags, so it would be recommended to buy one separately.

It’s also advised to purchase a ratchet strap kit as well for extra safety and to decrease noise.

Although it does stay in place most of the time some consumers still have noted that they had to retighten straps every few hours.


Roofbag cargo bag is pretty durable, very water resistant, easy to use and rather inexpensive. Overall it’s a good choice if you are looking for a budget priced rooftop cargo bag.

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