RoofPax Car Roof Cargo Bag Review

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RoofPax cargo bag is made of military grade 1680-D PVC fabric with water repellent double coating and waterproof dual seam technology. It has built-in protective mat that’s 7mm thick to prevent it from sliding around and protect your cars paint from scratches. Other security features include heavy duty SBS zipper, 10 elastic velcro strap restrainers as well double strap covers with 8 velcro stripes.

It offers a lot of storage space – 19 cubic feet, which is more than most other rooftop cargo bags offer. It’s 47.2 inches long, 35.4 inches wide and 19.8 inches tall.

Bag feels sturdy and well made, materials used are of good quality too. It’s durable and probably will last for a long time. Consumer reports seem to confirm this – RoofPax car roof carrier has tons of positive feedback and complaints from consumers are few and far between. Few people have complained about zipper straps or buckles breaking or the bag tearing during use but considering relatively small amount of such complaints compared to all of the positive feedback they can be considered exceptions.

RoofPax cargo bag is quite water resistant although not completely waterproof. Most of the time it does a good job of keeping inside dry, however sometimes you might find moisture inside after rain. In some rare instances you might also find some water that has gotten inside – although unlikely you have to understand that you might find some of your belongings soaked in water. Perhaps you shouldn’t store valuable belongings in it that might be damaged by liquid.

RoofPax cargo bag is simple and fast to install. You can mount it on roof rack or if your vehicle doesn’t have one then you can put door hooks under weather stripping (which is safer method than tying down straps inside the car which is a system that’s illegal in some states yet you can find it in many other cargo bags designed for rackless cars). It will work with most cars however some cars have glued weather stripping or frameless door windows in which case you won’t be able to install RoofPax cargo bag without roof bars.

RoofPax cargo bag might move a few inches after driving and need to be moved back in place and straps retightened after few hundred miles but most of the time it stays put with no readjusting needed. Overall it stays securely on top of the car.

It comes with TSA approved combination lock, 6 car door hooks (4 necessary for mounting + 2 extra) and storage bag. When you take cargo bag out of storage bag be sure to take note of how it’s folded otherwise you might have a real struggle getting it back in.

Overall RoofPax cargo bag is a good budget priced car cargo bag. It’s not as good as more expensive models but it’s better than most similarly prices ones so if you are looking for a budget priced cargo bag this one is a good choice.

RoofPax Car Roof Cargo Bag Details:

  • Storage capacity: 19 cubic feet
  • Material: Military grade 1680-D PVC fabric
  • Dimensions: 47.2″ x 35.4″ x 19.8″ (L x W x H)
  • Package contents:
    • 1 x RoofPax cargo bag
    • 6 x Car door hooks
    • 1 x TSA approved combination lock
    • 1 x Storage bag

How to install RoofPax cargo bag without roof rack

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