SportRack SR7018 Vista XL Cargo Box Review

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SportRack SR7018 Vista XL cargo bag is made of ABS plastic and has 18 cubic feet of storage capacity.

Durability wise it doesn’t feel very durable. Plastic is very thin but the cargo box doesn’t show any signs of weakness when driving, even under windy conditions. Lid does feel very flimsy though when open.

Inside manages to stay dry during regular rain, however because of the mounting holes it’s not properly moisture proof.

SportRack SR7018 Vista XL cargo bag opens from rear which can pose some challenges. Depending on your height and the height of your vehicle you might have trouble reaching everything inside the bag. It’s easy to open but you might fail to reach some spots with your hand.

SportRack SR7018 Vista XL is shipped already assembled so you can mount it right after receiving it. It uses U-bolt mounting system which makes installation simple albeit not quickest. It’s not that installation takes awfully long to complete, but some of the more expensive rooftop cargo bags have systems that are less time consuming.

Aesthetically speaking it’s not the best looker. It’s very wide yet short compared to other rooftop cargo boxes so it might look slightly weird on top of your car (SportRack SR7018 Vista XL is ~64 inches long, 40 inches wide and ~19 inches high).

It can be locked. Obviously since it’s made from thin plastic someone could break in if they really wanted to but probably not with bare hands.

Overall SportRack SR7018 Vista XL cargo bag perhaps not well made or sturdy enough for regular use but if plan to use it occasionally it might be good enough. It’s not as good as more expensive cargo bags but for the price it seems to be the best one.

SportRack SR7018 Vista XL cargo box details:
  • Storage capacity: 18 cubic feet
  • Load capacity: 100 lb.
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Dimensions: 64.17″ x 40″ x 18.89″ (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 28 lbs

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