ToolGuards Car Roof Cargo Bag Review

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ToolGuards Car Roof Cargo Bag is made of coated tarpaulin and has coated zippers resulting in waterproof storage solution. It offers 15 cubic feet of storage space and comes with protective mat.

It’s easy to install (hardest part is loading it with belongings due to straps not being flexible) unless you are short of height and own vehicle with high roofline (like SUV), taking it off is even easier. The straps do flap around when driving which causes a lot of road noise and probably increases wear.

When brand new it’s waterproof however according to consumer feedback durability is a common issue with ToolGuards cargo bag. Although this doesn’t happen in most cases it’s still not uncommon for it to develop tears and holes on the first day or within first few hundred miles of use. In some cases consumers have reported buckle tearing apart from the strap during driving which can be a very serious hazard.

Overall this is a mediocre cargo bag at best considering its flaws. Although most of the consumer feedback is positive there is still relatively many complaints about durability making ToolGuards car rooftop cargo bag a risky buy. It’s recommended to look for a different rooftop cargo bag.

ToolGuards Cargo Bag Details:

  • Storage capacity: 15 cubic feet
  • Material: Coated tarpaulin
  • Weight: ~8.8 lbs

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